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Review on the
4th TimePie Longevity Forum

The 4th TimePie Longevity Forum was held successfully in Shanghai on December 9th to 10th 2023. Spanning two days, the forum showcased cutting-edge research presentations from over 40 global experts, provided insights into longevity technology from industry leaders, and featured a roundtable discussion with world-class biotech enthusiasts.


The event attracted around 1,000 on-site participants and was covered in real time across various media platforms. With over 300,000 cumulative exposures, the forum achieved unprecedented success.



Our forum invited over 40 speakers around the world.  Registration surged to 800 attendees, including guests, scholars, volunteers, and staffs.


The total revenue for this year's forum amounted to 1.02 million RMB, comprising ticket sales of 530,000 RMB and sponsorship revenue of 490,000 RMB.



The cost for this year's forum is totally1.34 million RMB, covering expenses for venue arrangements, guest flights, and accommodations.


TimePie accumulated a total of 309,700 views on our social platforms, including WeChat Official Account, Zhihu, Douyin, Toutiao, NetEase, and Bilibili.

Additionally, TimePie's overseas platforms on Twitter, YouTube, and others contributed to promoting the dissemination and exploration of anti-aging research.

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