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About TimePie
Longevity Forum

With over a billion elderly globally and 260 million in China alone, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle the profound socio-economic challenges presented by aging.

In January 2021, TimePie celebrated its first anniversary at a fascinating juncture in the realm of aging research. On one side, we saw a pronounced shift in demographics as the population aged 60+ surged to a notable 18.1%.


Conversely, the genuine pursuit of scientific methods to combat aging was sparse, with the market teeming with hollow promises of rejuvenation. 

Image by Pete Alexopoulos




This forum represents the most powerful lineup of international speakers for an offline aging academic conference in China.



Companies across anti-aging pharmaceuticals, equipment, diagnostic technologies, media, and finance are participating, ensuring a holistic growth of both academic and industry sectors.



Building upon academic exchanges, we have continued and elevated the closed-door hacker forum, encouraging the exchange of ideas and practices within the global biotech hacking community and sharing experimental equipment.

The annual Timepie Longevity Forum convenes the world's leading scientists and visionaries to shape the future of aging. Here, experts and scholars share pioneering advancements in anti-aging research, while CEOs from longevity-focused companies and biotech enthusiasts offer industry insights and best practices.

We welcome a varied audience, from longevity enthusiasts to biotech aficionados keen on aging dynamics and rejuvenation treatments. Our forum promotes a bridge between science and society, aiming for healthier and longer lives for all.


1st TimePie Longevity Forum and Biohacker Closed-Door Meeting:
Start from zero, cultivate the public's correct anti-aging concept

We aimed to enlighten the public with authentic anti-aging concepts. This prompted us to host the inaugural TimePie Longevity Forum, inviting eminent figures like Brian Kennedy, Aubrey De Grey, and Alexander Chikunov. Under the banner "Reversing Time," they graced the event with their profound insights.

 2nd TimePie Longevity Forum: Thriving amid the COVID-19 pandemic

By January 2022, the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic were undeniable, particularly for the elderly. While the crisis showcased the vulnerabilities of this demographic, it also underscored the urgency of discussing aging-related diseases and the essence of healthy aging in China. To address this, our 2nd Forum was organized.


We had the privilege of hosting luminaries like Nir Barzilai, Jing-Dong Jackie Han, and Alex Zhavoronkov. To ensure inclusivity, we also introduced online participation, broadening our reach.


3rd TimePie Longevity Forum: Combining theory with practice, anti-aging equipment is introduced

December 2022 was shadowed by the prolonged pandemic-induced lockdowns. However, the year also witnessed our 3rd Forum, a unique blend of online and offline interactions. Scholars like Valter Longo and Charles Brenner imparted their wisdom, while practical demonstrations with anti-aging equipment provided attendees with a hands-on experience.

4th TimePie Longevity Forum

The current landscape of aging research in China is both vibrant and forward-moving, a transformation to which TimePie has significantly contributed. As we look forward to our 4th Forum this December, the anticipation is palpable. With over 40 experts, scholars, and a gathering of 1000+ anti-aging enthusiasts in Shanghai, it's set to be an unparalleled event in our series.

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