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2024 TimePie Longevity Forum
Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

For details, please contact us via email:

2023 Sponsors


Highlights of 2023 Timpie Longevity Forum

• One of the largest and most influential scientific and technological events of longevity in China
• 40+ global scientists participate in the exhibition to enhance the influence of academic circles
• 1000+ domestic and anti-aging geeks and KOLs participate
• We have successfully hosted three editions of “TimePie Longevity Forum” (2020-2022).

2023 Sponsorship & Exhibition Brochure

Download the Brochure of  4th TimePie Longevity Forum for Reference

Why sponsor Timepie Longevity Forum?

  • Broad Influence:

As one of the foremost and influential scientific longevity events in China, sponsorship offers exceptional visibility and prestige.

  • Stellar Lineup:

The event boasts the active participation of over 40 global scientists and CEOs, providing a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration.

  • Well-attended:

With a diverse audience of more than 1000 anti-aging enthusiasts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), your sponsorship can reach a wide and engaged demographic.

  • Rich experience:

Our proven track record of successfully organizing the "TimePie Longevity Forum" for three consecutive years, from 2020 to 2022, demonstrates our commitment to excellence and reliability in event management.

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